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Automatic Pump Motor Starter for Smart Farming using GSM

A. A. Tekade, M. S. Andhare, V. S. Kumbhar


Agriculture is a subsistence of majority Indians and has great effect on the economy of the country. In a nation like India, where climatic conditions change economically and water system facilities are poor. The primary hotspot for water system measure is ground water. This project provides control on induction motor pump which is used in the agriculture using mobile phone. Because of continuous power cuts and abnormal voltage conditions in India, it is important to convey water proficiently to the fields during typical conditions. This is completed by trading the information between the client telephone and GSM as messages. This system is developed with PIC18F4520 Microcontroller which in connected to the GSM and the motor. Along with microcontroller it uses DTMF block to send control signal over voice frequency to the controller. The microcontroller includes the protection against overcurrent, dry running and phase fault.

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