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Smart Waste Management System

Sarang Bhosale, Akshay Ghatage, Gaurav Patil, Y. S. Ahankari


Due to increasing population, modernization, people move from one place to another and way of life are expanding well. The present garbage system available in India is fully done by humans. But now in our project we have reduced the work of humans compare to the present situation.

“In the approach of the smart cities mission, the objective is to promote cities that provide core infrastructure and give a decent quality of life to its citizens, a clean and sustainable environment with the application of smart solutions”. Smart cities don’t only mean smart buildings and smart parking areas but “smarter waste management system” is also a major issue to be addressed in developing a smart city.


To implement a smarter way of conventional waste management using smart sensors to gather fill-level data, presence of garbage around the dustbin and stinking condition from containers and garbage bins, and send to authorized phone number via text SMS.


The information from bins to the authorized number is sent using communicating modules (GSM/GPRS module). The entire operation is controlled using Atmega328P 8-bit microcontroller.


The Local base station is gets the status of the bins via text SMS communication. The local base stations keep continuous track with the smart vehicle over the GPS module. The Smart Vehicle System after receiving all the details of the trash bin collects garbage of particular trash bin.


Keywords: Waste management, municipal solid waste, GPS

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