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Rubiks Cube Based Image Cryptography

Arunmozhi S.A., Rakavi R., Reaishma N., Sivasri M., Yellamaraju Venkata Naga Anjani Jyothi


Rapid growth of digital communication and multimedia application increases the need of security and it becomes an important issue of communication and storage of multimedia. Modern cryptography gives fundamental strategies to securing information and safeguarding sight and multimedia data. In last a few years, encryption innovation has been grown rapidly and many picture encryption strategies have been utilized to shield secret picture data from unapproved access. Encryption is a method of retaining the secrecy of images. One of the efficient methods is to use Rubik’s cube algorithm, the most notable and extensively used cryptographic algorithm. In the proposed methodology, we proposed an image encryption and decryption algorithm using Rubik’s cube algorithm in which encryption contains a random image and decryption contains original image. The algorithm is implemented in Python.  The proposed methodology will work efficiently for image encryption and will provide several advantages over existing systems. The algorithm provides user flexibility by providing encryption to a wide range of images. Prime factorization and randomness are the key factors for key generation in this algorithm. There is no data loss during the process of encryption and decryption. Image quality is also maintained.

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