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Bibliotherapy: A Healer Paradigm for All Causes of Life



Bibliotherapy, and it practices involves the systematic review to help people to heal mental, physical, emotional, developmental or social problems. And some other similar practices also treated as a portion for art therapy; dance therapy, music therapy, and play therapy, bibliotherapy has an idea on healing, power of art through its forms. The concept concern will apply bibliotherapy as a powerful media in applying literature in everyday of life. In every ways of life it claims that bibliotherapy plays a vital role in helping people to restore relationship between them. Around the times in difficult transitions and physical, psychological, emotional and social challenges, the study of Bibliotherapy and Bibliotherapics practices heals the human being purifies the soul and experience of patient will improve this bibliotherapic ways in healing processes.


Keywords: Bibliotherapy and its studies, healer paradigm, reading makes a person perfect, benefits of bibliotherapy

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