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A Comparative Study of Cross-Link Interference Mitigation Schemes for Dynamic-Time Division Duplex (D-TDD) Network

Praise Igochi Onu, Wasiu Akande Ahmed


In 5G network, Dynamic-Time Division Duplex (D-TDD) enables flexible resource allocation for uplink and downlink in real time according to traffic demands. Nevertheless, it may result in severe cross-link interference (CLI) that impairs performance due to disorganized transmissions in nearby cells. In order to mitigate CLI in 5G D-TDD networks, this paper compares several promising techniques, including beamforming, dynamic uplink/downlink configuration, enhanced inter-cell interference coordination (eICIC), power control, and cell clustering. For every scheme, the trade-offs between overhead, D-TDD flexibility, interference mitigation, and implementation complexity are examined. The study emphasizes that in order to fully utilize the advantages of D-TDD in future networks, cross-layer optimization frameworks combining multiple techniques are required.

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