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Combatting Electricity Theft through IoT Integration

Pradipkumar V. Lokhande, Sakshi S. Deshmukh, Sakshi K. Magdum, Dhanashri R. Shendge


Energy theft is very common problem in the countries like India where the consumers of energy usage are increasing day by day with the consistent increase in population. Also, in India more than 20% of electricity generated is lost due to tampering and it is covered from the electricity board funds this causes the major loss to the electricity board. This paper represents the way to detect the power theft, due to tampering on the transmission lines, alert that particular area and authority to. When unlawful things are determined then dispatch is communicated through GSM module to the authority. And continuous data of electricity usage sent by microcontroller Atmega 328P with the help of ESP8266 wi-fi module to the authority at the backend is displayed on the IOT website in the form of charts. A unique method is implemented to detect the unlawful actions by the unauthorized consumer and gives alert immediately to the authority to take some strict actions against it.

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