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Student Bus Safety using RFID with GSM and GPS

Bhumika Sute, Apeksha Talwarkar, Pranjali Akotkar, Priyanka Shastrakar, J. Shelke


Millions of student needs to commute between homes to school every day. Safety is major issue at global level. From the many safety issues, this project taken into account our safety issue that student bus safety system. This project aims to find yet one more solution to solve this problem by developing a bus safety system that will control the entry and exit of students from the buses through an energy efficient method. The planned system will control the entry and exit of students to and from the bus using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and GSM technologies to confirm the entering and exiting of all students to and from the school bus in a safer way. The system will do all the process and allow the student to be tracked using GPS technology and if the bus journey is successful from the source to destination, it will send an SMS to the Parents to inform its entry and exit of the student. If the accident will occur then the vibration sensor sense the vibration and the system will send the SMS to the school authority. A complete prototype of the planned system was executed and tested to authenticate the system functionality. The results show that the system is capable for daily transportation safety.


Keywords: RFID tags, GSM, RFID reader, microcontroller (ATmega328p), vibration sensor, GPS

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