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BALUN Design for Wideband Antenna

S. S. Chavan, P. R. Mali, R. R. Patil


In this paper, design and analysis of a 2.4 GHz printed dipole antenna with BALUN design for wireless communication applications are presented. Measurements on return loss and graphical record of this antenna configuration area unit enclosed during this investigation. The inscribed dipole is united with the feeding structure of a microstrip via-hole BALUN and is fictional on an FR-4 printed-circuit-board substrate. Two inevitable discontinuities area unit introduced by this antenna design within the sort of right-angle bends within the microstrip feed line and within the dipole’s gap, severally. The impact of measuring these bends in the reflection coefficient, resonance bandwidth and radiation pattern of antenna has been investigated by means of simulation and experiment.


Keywords: Printed dipole, integrated BALUN, S-parameters, radiation pattern

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