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Structural Analysis of a High-Rise Building under Strong Winds Using ETABS

Sristi Das Gupta, Md.Kamrul Hasan Kanak, Raisul Islam, Fahim Khan


Bangladesh, a densely populated country in South Asia, is located in the north eastern part of the Indian subcontinent at the head of the Bay of Bengal. Geographical location of Bangladesh makes it ideally suited to earthquake and wind pressure. So, the knowledge of dynamic analysis is essential for civil engineers to design a safe structure for reducing the damages of structure during lateral loading. This paper represents a comparative study of the severity effect of wind forces on a high-rise building applying BNBC 2006.To achieve this goal a plan of 10 storied high-rise building has been considered. The study performed with 12 variation of wind speed from 150 km/hr to 260 km/hr. The analysis has been done by using computer software ETABS. After the analysis the maximum displacement was found 12.9 inch at 260 km/hr wind speed with top storey drift was found 0.0191 at 110ft whereas the lowest displacement and drift value was found 8.875 inch and 0.0153 at wind speed of 150 km/hr considering similar height of 110ft. This paper overviews the entire effect of different wind speed on high rise structure to predict the lateral movements such as displacement and inter-storey drift as well as serviceability of a RC building.

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