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Study on the Properties and Uses of Rocks Found in Bangladesh

Md. Fahim Abrar Hossain, Nazeefa Tasneem, A B M Rashed Alam, A S M Fahad Hossain


A rock is a natural substance made up of solid crystals of various minerals that were fused into a solid lump together. The solid mineral material that is part of the earth's surface and other similar planets that is exposed on the surface or underlying the earth. There are three main rock groups: Igneous rocks, Sedimentary rocks, and Metamorphic rocks. Rocks are of great resource value like minerals, some directly, and some as mineral constituents. Nearly all types of building materials used to pave roads, floors, and house walls, or various other structures, including bridges, come from rocks. These rocks are found in countries all over the world. In this research, different rocks that are found in Bangladesh were collected and identified depending on their color, texture and grain size. This paper also deals with the properties and uses of these rocks.

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Hossain, F. A., Alam, A.B.M. R., Tasneem N., (2019). “Study on The Properties and Uses of Rocks Found In Bangladesh and Other Countries”, Undergraduate Thesis, Department of Civil Engineering, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology.


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