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Mitigating The Seismic Effects On Medium Rise Structures Using Friction Pendulum Bearings

Priyanka Verma, Shraddha Sharma


In the present work, friction pendulum bearings (FPB) are added to a hypothetical open ground storied regular building and its performance is compared to that to a fixed base building. The finite element model of the structure was placed in Zone V as per IS:1893(Part-1)-2002 so as to obtain its performance in terms of storey drift, top storey displacement, overturning moments and storey shear. Linear Time History Analysis (LTHA) was carried out on the modeled structures and it was observed that although the base isolated model exhibited greater displacements, the interstorey displacements and drift were comparatively low which will result in less buckling of columns and hence to a safer design. It was also observed that values of overturning moment & storey shear were reduced in the case of base isolated building by a large extent. Finally comments were made on the overall feasibility of the proposed isolation system.

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