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Towards A Sustainable Healthy Environment: Investigating Issues Influencing Waste Management in Futa Environment

Owolabi Babatunde Oluwaseyi


Increase in waste generation has brought alongside serious environmental challenges associated with improper waste disposal, especially domestic waste which are often discarded in different ways. Hence, towards a sustainable human health and her environment this study investigated and identified issues influencing waste management in the campus environment, empirical evidence from FUTA Akure, Nigeria. Both primary and secondary data types were employed in the study; primary data were collected through the administration of questionnaire on residents in the campus neighbourhoods and personal observation was carried out. Secondary data were sourced from existing literature; which include published and unpublished materials, dissertation and term papers and also base map of the study area. Data collected were analysed using descriptive statistical methods which included frequency counts demonstrated with tables and charts. Findings from the study shows that manpower in waste disposal facilities available at the management board and establishment,  attitude of community towards waste disposal, funding for waste disposal programs and technology used in solid waste disposal are factors influencing solid waste disposal ranked in that order. From the study, it can be concluded that human capital, level of technology, funding, facilities available and community attitude are factors influencing solid waste disposal and management in the Campus environment of FUTA, Akure. The study hereby recommends public enlightenment and education, provision of functional incineration, segregation and sorting at source, enforcement of certain law, increase in waste collection frequency, and plasma gasification, primarily an electrically charged or a highly ionized gas which provides renewable energy and an assortment of other fantastic benefits from waste.

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