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Quantification of Social Cost during Piling in Urban Congested Areas

Jinsha Hareendran, Sahimol Eldose


Construction projects are inevitable since it contributes to growth and development for our country. Though it makes serious nuisance for the adjacent areas. Social cost is called as construction causative adverse impact on the neighborhood community. Piling works in major infrastructure work causes various disturbances to the adjacent areas, especially in congested urban areas. The major problems are economic loss, pollutions and cracks. Piling activity may also leads to traffic problems like parking loss, prolonged closure of roads, traffic congestion, time delay etc. The strength of the adjacent building utilities are also affected. In this study various social cost factors and its impacts have been identified and quantified. Based on quantification social costs are analyzed. Since study was focused on business centered urban congested area economic loss is observed as one of the serious issues.

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