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Review on Critical Risk Factors Affecting the Safety Performance in Pipeline Sleeper Construction

Athira Anil, Vidya Jose


The Construction industry is one of the leading and most relevant sectors in India which contributes significantly to national development. However, statistics have shown that the construction industry is one of the foremost dangerous fields due to fatality rates. The main cause of the accident is due to the poor safety performance of the workers from a combination of contributing sources. To develop the safety performance, the root causes of construction accidents and factors affecting them are needed to be investigated. Safety performance in pipeline sleeper construction is a complex decision problem as similar to normal construction sites. Hazards of a certain nature and under a certain category can have obvious influence and can develop other risks in a different category. This study demonstrates the critical risk factors affecting the safety performance in pipeline sleeper construction to minimize the frequency of accident occurrence. The study revealed the 14 most significant factors based on an assessment of the questionnaire survey, which was rated to have more than a moderate influence on performance which affects the construction productivity.

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