Learnings from the Garo Tribal Houses in Meghalaya

Pratyasha Patra, Snigdha A. Sanyal


This research paper is based on the studies of the various properties of the Garo house of Garo hills region in Meghalaya- the state of northeast India. The unique structure of the houses and the materials used in the construction makes it special. Not only the outer beauty but its various aspects blow one’s mind and the safety measures taken by them are worth appreciating. The Garo tribes have found their own solution to save the structures from the nature’s fury. These tribal Garo houses are the best examples of vernacular architecture to be sustained during massive earthquake and flood. This paper enumerates the construction technology and various functions of a Garo house. The aim of this paper is to gist down the Garo house’s science and logic, so that it can be beneficial for other regions of India which are earthquake and flood prone.



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