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Calculation of Quantity of Earthwork and Generating Sectional Drawings with – Robust Software CSx

Asif Ahmad Ansari, Dr. Shubha Agrawal


In a new highway project, the engineer has to plan, design and construct either a net – work of a new road or a road link. There are also projects requiring re-design and re-alignment of existing roads for upgrading the geometric design standards. In most of frequently used methods for earthwork quantity calculation, the valuation of accuracy may contain some uncertainties. This article discusses the relationship between the manual process and digital process data for earthwork calculation and how to easily create a better profile for any road construction for smoothness in driving with safety parameters. The main purpose of this research is to propagate error. In this a formula is formed which expresses the earthwork quantity relationship that how the errors of manual data effects the accuracy of earthwork calculation using the digital approach. By setting the different values of the parameters, we can calculate the relative errors. At last, we have also discussed the calculation of earthwork quantity using the software sources as well as focused on profile of road, cross section, slope and gradient also etc. The work of profile correction and earthwork is the main step in any highway Engineering. So, it is very necessary for any contractor to carry this work with full precautions and complete the work without any errors in the calculation. The highway and road works or the drainage constructions are very important constructions as it shows the economy of a country. It beautifies the surrounding of a place. If the design of road and profile is not done properly then it may lead to many accidents and other major losses can occur. So, it is important for all the road profile designers to design a proper profile by which the vision, sight distance and curve gets clear technically. And with this we have to make sure that the quantity of earthwork according to road condition should be economically suitable. But seeing today’s scenario which is coming up in Advance Technology Construction field, such as heavy machinery equipment which can complete any work in a short time and in a situation, where work need to be completed in short time, it would be very difficult to calculate the quantity in the old way and if the old way is adopted then it will take a lot of time to complete the work so that to get rid of problem and to bring progress and accuracy to work, we get a lot of help from this software.

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