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Comparison of the Behaviour of Tension Member of a Bamboo Truss with Standard Tensile Strength of Test Specimen

Raji M, Nayana Sam, Shilpa Mary Sam, Anandhu Krishnan R K, Abdullah Faizy S


The basic physical and mechanical properties of materials do greatly influence the structural behavior of materials. The knowledge on these properties will surely give an upper hand to the engineer dealing with it and its behavior while being used as a structural member can be predicted with the data assembled from basic tests of these material properties. Bamboo is mostly renowned for its tensile strength. The brisk growth of bamboo, its maturity rate, sustainability, aesthetics, low cost and availability makes it an excellent construction material. In this study, standard tensile strength test is conducted on bamboo, as well as the behavior of bamboo when it is employed as a tie beam in truss is assessed. The later proves to be a function of the tensile strength of the standard tensile test specimen.

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