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Development of Non-Electric Washing Machine

Shreyans S. Chordia, Prajwal S. Kalyankar, Siddharth R. Paschapur, Vinayak M. Ganiger, S. C. Sajjan, Hanumesh Pujar


Power can be produced from human foot pedaling using sprocket and chain or gear system. Peddling by human power is commonly used in bicycles since many years. This concept is rarely used in agriculture and to generate electricity to mention few are pedal powered water well, grinder, etc. Here the basic concept is pedaling is converted to rotary motion. In day-today life cloth washing is one of the main routine works of the human community. This routine work is more painful because it involves water environment with human effort, time and cost. In the present study an attempt is made to develop a Non-Electric Washing Machine (NEWM) to meet requirements of most of the population of any country. Working principle of this is almost similar to that mechanism of machine. The main objective of present work to develop low initial cost and operating cost machine and in the areas where electricity is not available is achieved

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