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Process Optimization and Defect Analysis using Industrial Engineering Systematic Approach

Pundeo Kumar, Ankit .


In today’s world, the only mantra for the success is to be competitive and continuous improvement. The firms which succeed today will be the ones that have learned how to update and coordinate their activities on a worldwide basis. In many cases, integrated global sourcing may well give one of the best opportunities to achieve the best kinds of performance breakthroughs and consistency required to compete in highly competitive markets maintain. We have seen that many researchers studied and have concluded that unit price reduction (although not necessarily total cost reduction) is the primary and formost benefit realized from international purchasing (Petersen, Frayer, and Scannel 2000; Trent and Monczka 1998). Many other worldwide purchasing benefits cited in the literature include greater access to product and process technology, better quality, and the ability to introduce a healthy competition to the domestic supply base aswell (Trent and Monczka 1998). Similarly, to improve upon the cost competitiveness of its part purchases, companies has started its global sourcing office. Major challenges comes when part manufactured by local sources and product performance is expected to be benchmarked with global standard. To achieve that standard process benchmarking to be set so that sustainable quality can be achieved. During Setting up the process lot of activity needs to be redefine to make the process productive and lot of defect arises during this optimization. To simulate the entire activity I have used example of oil sump of engine to interpret the entire analysis of optimization and defect analysis.

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Pundeo Kumar, & Ankit. (2020). Process Optimization and Defect Analysis using Industrial Engineering Systematic Approach. Research and Reviews: Journal of Mechanics and Machines, 2(2), 1–4.

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