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Rocker Bogie Suspension System

A. Mothilal, J. NIshanth, B. Chendur


Rocker bogie mechanism is a type of mechanism principally used in the mars rovers to prevail over the rough terrains while maintaining stability. It is NASA’s favourite mechanism for space vehicles & rovers. It is having two arms with wheel mounted to each. Both arms are coupled through a movable joint. This facilitates to have a suspension based mechanism that distributes the vehicle load as uniformly as possible even on bumps and irregular surfaces. The design consists of a spring free suspension based differential drive system that allows the bogie to move over rocks, pebbles with ease. The sensors and cameras mounted on a rover must be secure to work appropriately and also to enhance their life spam. More vibrations and jerks lead to quicker wear and tear in in sensors, circuit boards and cameras. The rocker bogie mechanism was planned keeping this in mind by providing utmost stability in all terrains. Therefore, we learn the design and fabrication of the rocker bogie mechanism by fabrication of this rough terrain vehicle using idea of the bogie mechanism. At this point, in this project we design a rocker bogie robot model which saves the living human in drawback area.

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