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A Modified Filtering Approach of LSB Image Steganography Using Stream Builder along with AES Encryption

Md. Palash Uddin


In information hiding context, steganography is a technique where the concealment of information into a cover is performed in such a way that no one can easily detect the information embedded into that cover. Digital image is the mostly used carrier in steganography although the other covers such as text, video, protocol etc. are also chosen for hiding the secret message. The different existing works on image steganography have various pitfalls including direct substitution of message in cover image, less number of layers of security, small size of payload etc. In this paper, color image has been used for embedding the plaintext through an indirect substitution method. In the proposed technique, the mostly used least significant bit (LSB) substitution method is modified with a stream-builder filtering which can be able to choose the locations to embed the message bits more securely. Additionally, the original message has been encrypted through the robust cryptography algorithm advanced encryption standard (AES) before embedding the message. The experimental results show that the proposed method can hide a bulky amount of information with a fair level of security and maintain a good visual quality of stego-image.

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