Recent Trends in Information Technology and its Application

This is blind peer-reviewed journal that provides a platform which aspires to cover all the aspects of Information Technology and its advancement in the field of Computer Technology.

Focus and Scope

  • Managing the Rapid changes in Information Technology
  • Emerging Advances in IT and New Applications
  • Implications of Digital Convergence and Growth of IT
  • Managing National Information Infrastructure
  • Managing Networks, Including Corporate Networks
  • Intelligent Organisations, IT and New Forms of Organisations
  • IT and Network Organisations, Electronic Governance, Jurisdiction in Cyberspace
  • Organisational Barriers to Implementing IT, Diffusion and Future of IT
  • Enterprise Resource Models, Knowledge Management/Repositories
  • Customer Relationship Management and IT
  • Knowledge Economy, IT Clusters, Intellectual Property Rights in IT
  • Intelligent Agents, Distributed Software Development, Advances in Encryption
  • Knowing Machines
  • IT and Gene Mapping Revolution, Bioinformatics, Social Informatics
  • Management/Geographic Information, Geographic Information Systems