Research and Applications of Web Development and Design

This is blind peer-reviewed journal that provides a platform which aspires to cover all the aspects of Web Development and Design.

Focus and Scope

  • Integration with Legacy Systems, Migration of Legacy Systems to Web Environments
  • Managing System Evolution/Maintenance; Performance Monitoring, Evaluation Metrics
  • Internet of Things Development and Business Models for Internet of Things-based Applications
  • Service Oriented Computing and Privacy Protection/Security issues in the Internet of Things
  • Mobile Web Services, Service-Based Approaches, E-Commerce and E-Business
  • Web Engineering for Wireless Platforms
  • User Interface Design Issues, Customisation/Personalisation
  • Web Standards, Usability, Universal Accessibility, Semantic Web
  • Big Data and Knowledge Management/Innovation
  • Big Data Theoretical Development and Business Models of Big Data Applications
  • Social Networks and Network Security