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HEMAP- Health Monitoring & Positioning

Sanakalp Wairagade, Krutika Ghodmare, Sonam Budhane, G. Mihir Naidu, J. Y. Hande, Snehal Sahastrabuddhe


The safekeeping of critical patient requires accurate & precise decisions so that life protecting & lifesaving therapy can be properly applied to that patient. Recent statistics reveal that every minute a human is losing their life across the globe. To be precise in India, everyday many lives are affected by heart attacks and more importantly because the patients did not get accurate and proper help .This paper is based on monitoring of patients. We have designed and developed a reliable, energy efficient health monitoring system of the patients. It is capable of sending parameters of patient in real time. It helps the doctors to monitor the patient’s health parameters in real time. In this project the parameters of patient are measured continuously and wirelessly transmitted using Zigbee. The project is providing a solution for enhancing the reliability and flexibility by improving the health of the patient. In this current system the patient health is continuously monitored and the acquired data and is analyzed at a centralized system. If a particular patient health parameter falls below the threshold value, a. Here, we used ZigBee for wireless transmission. The Doctor can get are cord of a particular information by just accessing the database of the patient on his PC which is continuously updated through ZigBee receiver module.


Keywords: Wirelessly transmitted, Zigbee, PC

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