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Design of Load Carrying Capacity of Pile–A Critical Approach

Balan. K, Fathima Fasil, Resmi Nair. S


Piles are provided to carry large loads coming from superstructures to the soil. During pile installation resistance developed either at the pile tip or along the surface of the pile. Based on that the piles are classified as either end bearing piles or friction piles. As per Indian Standards bored cast in-situ piles are designed using the methods taken from IS 2911 (part 1/sec 2): 2010. Ultimate load carrying capacity of pile can also be computed from the equation suggested by Mayerhof. Vesic’s equation is helpful for the analysis of laterally loaded piles. The result thus obtained from the mathematical equations and that obtained from the IS code method are also compared with pile load test results. A comparative study of various equations and the capacity obtained is made in this study.

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