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Importance of Waste Management to Environmental Sanitation in Akure, Nigeria OWOLABI, Babatunde Oluwaseyi

Owolabi Babatunde Oluwaseyi


Most cities in Nigeria are faced with waste management problems, especially in the city. There is an apparent need to know the extent of waste generated and analyze the possible threat to effective management.  The solid waste problem is a major cause of concern in the developing countries where population figure is rising daily along with improvement in economic status of the urban dwellers. Thus, this study aim is to examine and assess the importance of waste management to environmental sanitation in Akure of Ondo State, with a view to enhancing the management of solid waste as an instrument for urban development. A total number of 160 questionnaires were administered within the town. A maximum of 5 samples of waste materials brought for disposal were also examined using randomized sampling. The content of each sack was poured out and sorted manually into its physical constituents, such as paper, plastic, old cloth, glass, metals, Left over Foods and Nylon. The study suggested that government should conduct a pilot projects and expanding awareness on waste management among the populace. It also suggested that scavenging should be properly coordinated for the purpose of deriving maximum economic benefits from such activities and also for the health and safety of those involved.

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