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Identification of Factors Affecting Material Flow in Construction Sites

Sruthi Suresh Babu, Sahimol Eldhose


The efficient movement of materials at sites in fair quantity at fair time without any interruption is called material flow. Operation and flow of these materials is a challenge experienced in sites today due to material scarcity, delivery delays, inadequate transportation facilities, loss and wastage, insufficient storage space etc. Data on material flows and inventory levels is intended to promote circular economy and satisfactory resource efficiency in the construction sector. Thus material flow quantifies the flow of materials and stocks in construction sites. An important problem that adversely affects the construction projects is poor materials and equipment. For a productive and cost efficient site, efficient material flow is very essential. Hence material has a dominating role in construction. There are several factors that can affect the flow of materials in the building industry. This article demonstrates the management of logistics and factors influencing the movement of materials on work sites based on assessment of questionnaire survey. It therefore helps in the analysis of factors concerning the efficient use of materials in infrastructure projects.

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