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Agro-Ecological Assessment using GAEZ for Suitability and Production Potential of Selected Crops in Bundelkhand Region, India

Jyoti P Patil, Günther Fischer, Sandeep Goyal, V C Goyal


The study presents an application of Agro‐Ecological Zones (AEZ) methodology for assessing the land suitability and production potential of selected crops in Bundelkhand region, India on a watershed basis. The assessment of the suitability index and respective output density of Kharif crops was done under rainfed conditions with a high level of input. The rabi crops showed no suitable category of suitability index under rainfed conditions, but various suitability was seen under irrigation conditions. The spatial agro-climatic assessment, provided by the GAEZ model, in terms of suitability index and output density will strengthen the decisions for cropping patterns under future climatic scenarios in the Ur River watershed.

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