Journal of Water Resource Research and Development

This is blind peer-reviewed journal that provides a platform which aspires to cover all the aspects of Water Resource Research and Development

Focus and Scope

  • Water and life, Water in the Economy, Water/Food Security
  • Marine/Freshwater Ecosystems, Aquatic/Coastal Biodiversity
  • Consumptive/non-consumptive uses of water, Recycling/Reuse, Tourism
  • Cultural Perceptions and Health Hazards of Water Pollution
  • Political Economy of Water, Water Geopolitics, Symbolic Dimensions
  • Technical/Ecological Economics Analyses of Water Use, Pollution, Treatment
  • Comparative Legal Aspects of Water Resource Management
  • Agricultural and Marine Pollution, Water Degradation, Water Basin Analyses
  • Protection/Rehabilitation of Ground/Surface Water, Sustainable Development
  • Climate Change, Hydrology, Hydrosystems Engineering, Desertification
  • Public Sector Strategies for Pollution Management
  • High Latitude and Altitude Hydrology